Curating and producing a jazz and blues series for the renowned Santa Monica, CA performing arts center. 


 Providing musical curation for Cipriani-owned luxury boutique hotel serving high net worth international clientèle.


Providing brand oversight and direction for touring, recording blues artist. Produce all marketing, video and social media content.

Curating music for a singular Cipriani experience


Put Together Media has provided music direction for this luxury boutique hotel since 2013. The juxaposition of traditional American music performances in this European hotel provides a unique brand experience for international guests wanting a taste of classic Americana.



Guiding the message and providing matchmaking.


The Reverend Shawn Amos launched his career in 2013 with a mission to "keep the blues alive one gig at a time." Put Together Music has supported The Rev's vision of making this genre relevant to a new audience by matching him with various media and brand outlets as well as producing content meant to speak to the uninitiated — including 90 episodes of the YouTube series Kitchen Table Blues.



Creating the premiere jazz dining experience in Los Angeles


In 2017, Put Together Music was hired as the exclusive artistic director of the legendary jazz and dining room. For eighteen months, PTMusic curated live music six nights per week – a mixture of emerging jazz talent, respected veterans, and risk-taking artists all essential to protecting Vibrato's reputation as one of the leading jazz rooms in the country.